The details : How it works

To keep The Creative Exchange as wholesome, fair and fun as possible there are a few rules.

The rules

For your application to be considered you must meet the following criteria
- Your instagram account must be public
WHY? Because The Creative Exchange is all about inspiring each other through image sharing, if your account is private we can’t see your creativity or be inspired by what you give and receive. I understand the need or desire for some people to have a private account, but unfortunately until we can determine on a post by post basis our privacy settings, there are no exceptions to this rule.

- Your instagram account must show your creative side
Creativity is wide and diverse, but the basis of The Creative Exchange is about getting to know someones creative side and putting together a package that will inspire someone to get creative. We want to see your style, what do you make, bake, paint, sew, style, photograph…… if your account is a compilation of blurry eyed boozy night out shots it probably doesn’t fit the brief.

- You must reside in Australia, USA, NZ, UK or Europe
WHY? You will be matched up with a partner from your own country to make postage costs and timeframe fair and manageable. The Creative Exchange is at its capacity in terms of logistics and manageability with this list of countries already, if you reside outside these countries I encourage you to start your own private exchange  - feel free to use the comments section on this page to send a shout out for a partner and make connections with each other

Upon applying you are agreeing to the conditions of the creative exchange which are as follows

- Exchangee’s must post a photo of their wrapped exchange gift prior to posting
- Parcels must be in the post by the deadline
- You must obtain (and keep somewhere safe and easy to access) a tracking number for your parcel (free with all parcels in Australia - its on your receipt)
- Exchangee’s must post a photo to instagram of the wrapped exchange gift that you receive (and a squeal of excitement)
- Exchangee’s must post a photo to instagram of the contents of your exchange gift (and a flood of gratitude to your new insta-friend)
- All photos must have the hashtag #thecreativeexchange

If you choose not to play fair and follow the conditions as outlined below you will not be invited back to join in future round of the exchange.

Dates you’ll need for your diary

Applications for The Creative Exchange will open up in February and August, you will need to apply for each round even if you have participated previously as numbers are capped. Make sure you are signed up to receive our Creative Exchange news by clicking sign up below to be the first to receive the details about upcoming rounds.

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