About The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange is a way of celebrating our little online creative community…in the real world! It is a chance to connect with your fellow Instagrammers through little parcels of creative endeavour and to get to know the people behind the profiles a little better too!

The Creative Exchange began in 2014 as a little idea that I initially flagged as ‘crazy’. I wanted a way to take the instagram ‘family’ of creatives that I had met and connect through more than just inspiring images. I wanted to be able to share tactile creative inspiration and thought what a better way to do so than through the gift of giving!

You’ll be partnered up with a fellow creative to ‘insta-stalk’ and based on what you learn about their creative passions you’ll put together a ‘creative exchange’ gift for them. It will contain approximately 8 items to inspire them to get creative. It might be supplies to complete a project or inspire a project (or projects!)… think fabrics and threads for a sewer, cookie cutters for a baker a collection of ‘treasures’ to inspire a vignette. Maybe even something completely new for them to try. Think creative! And while you are pulling all of this together for someone, another creative out there is doing the same for you. Once you’ve received your exchange - get creative! Share an image of what you received and what you’ve created with the entire creative exchange family with the hashtag #thecreativeexchange

From those that have already joined The Creative Exchange journey there have been new friendships formed, connections far greater than could have been imagined through social media, inspiration to learn and make snail mail and thank you cards, handmade gifts…. the thoughtfulness of the creative community that have connected is beyond my wildest dreams. This is what The Creative Exchange is all about.

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